After bringing you a lot of facts about traveling and places, we thought why shouldn’t we share our own traveling experiences? So here is the first experience we share with you. As travelers, we love to camp in breathtaking places always. This place is located in Galle, a world heritage city in the pearl of the Indian Ocean, Sri Lanka. Galle is popular for the Dutch fort, Lighthouse, Dolphin, Whale watching, turtles, gorgeous beaches, and Rumassala. Rumassala is a peninsula near Galle town.

Rumassala Camping.

To reach Rumassala, you have to get a bus or a train from Colombo. You can also use the expressway bus. As we live in Homagama, a town near Colombo city, we took a bus from the Makumbura expressway entrance. We left homagama at 10.30 a.m. We must say the expressway ride is also very memorable to have. After one and half hours we reached Galle at noon. Oh! I forgot to tell you guys that our group had three members. So next we went to a little shop to buy our needs to spend the night. We got some bread, sausages, noodles and beer and smoke. Then we got a bus to Rumassala. Finally, we reached the popular jungle beach in Rumassala peninsula. We couldn’t bear the beauty of the beach and we instantly jumped into the crystal-clear water. We three did not even have breakfast or lunch yet. So, after some time, we had our lunch from the beach food hut. Then we had a little nap on the beach for digestion. (Haha). Afterward, we had the last wave bath. Then we went to the camping location next to the sea.

We started adjusting our camping tent at around 4.30 p.m. It took some time because the structure of the tent was new to both three of us. Then we made some black coffee to chill with the evening view. We also offered some to a foreign couple who was fishing next to our camp. There is drinking water well on the top of the Rumassala mountain. So, two of us went to bring some water while the other one was protecting the camp. After bringing water, I went on a little walk on the little path to the jungle alone. The end of the path was amazing. It was headed to the other side of the mountain. The view of the sinking sun and the darkish blue sea was amazing. There is no other Land until you meet Antarctica from Galle. Then I headed back to the camp to join the group. They had already started to prepare the bonfire. So, I joined them. Things got calm after that. Not only us, but the environment was also calm and peaceful looking. We spent our night with some good discussions about music, politics, the future, and of course about girls. (Haha). While those discussions were going on we had our dinner as separate snacks. First, we made some noodles. We had our meal with beer. Then after some time, we enjoyed bonfire sausages again with beer. We toasted our bread by the bonfire. When it was 3 a.m. all the food, beer and smoke were gone. Then we decided to have a little sleep.

Jungle beach

We woke up at 6 a.m. with a little hangover. Then we started clearing the place we used. After packing up, we headed back to the jungle beach to have a nice cool morning bath. It was refreshing and threw our hangover into a trash can. After our last bath there, we came back to Galle town to take a bus. We came back with nothing but lifelong sweet memories.

Beautiful 'Rumassala' memories

All our expenses were around 30-40 dollars. We always try to travel cheaply, and we managed to stick to a budget as always on this trip. Don’t forget to camp in Rumassala next time you are in Sri Lanka.

Finally, travel responsibly and bring back only the memories.