White sands, lively nightlife, and, of course, Mickey Mouse are the hallmarks of Florida. But besides the famous tourist attractions,  there is plenty of natural beauty. If you want to be surrounded by beauty, this is Florida's destination.

Miramar beach

If you're in the Florida Panhandle, don't miss a day (or a few days) at Miramar Beach. Take part in beach volleyball games or lay your hands on the white sands and relax in the lounge chairs. Once you have enough beaches, Miramar's South Walton area is full of beautiful beachfront streets and antique shops.

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Vero beach

Located halfway between Orlando and West Palm Beach on the Atlantic Seaboard, Vero Beach offers Florida visitors an additional retreat. Like other coastal areas of Florida, the sun and waves are always seasonal. Whether you're hitting a link or lining up, there's always a quiet place waiting to enjoy the great outdoors. McKee Botanical Gardens and Pelican Island National Wildlife Refuge are two places to visit if you love the great outdoors.

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Naples is itself a universe, with tranquil beaches, world-class cuisine, and some of the most beautiful sunsets you've ever seen. Slowly explore the Naples Beach Hotel, a historic building with over a century of history. Otherwise, drive to Clam Pass Park and walk half a mile to the white sand beach through the beautiful Mangrove Estuary Reserve. (If you're  lazy, there's a trolley that comes  every few minutes.) Also, don't miss  Naples Pier, which offers spectacular views of the Gulf of Mexico.

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Fort Walton beach

Located between the Florida Panhandle Pensacola and Panama City, Fort Walton Beach is a quiet, family-friendly beach. They come in search of the vast white sands of the Gulf and the sparkling waters but stay for all the additional attractions and entertainment, such as playing golf in the sea and visiting many local parks and museums. To do. Choose from the Emerald Coast Science Center (meeting African pygmy hedgehogs) with an extraordinary collection of creatures, or the fascinating Indian Temple Mound and Museum with thousands of objects that shed light on prehistoric Indian life. Fort Walton Beach area.

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Sands Pore beach

Despite being hit by Hurricane Irma in 2017 and losing many of its tropical vegetation, Sandspur Beach is Florida's second most tropical beach. This beach is lovely thanks to the clear waters, bright tropical colors, and beautiful sand. If you don't have a boat, it's hard to find a decent beach in the Florida Keys. Most of them have rocky coasts. That's exactly one of the main reasons why Sandspur Beach is so popular.

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Vero Beach South Beach Park

Along its beautiful coast, the town of Vero Beach offers something to everyone-literally. As part of Florida's Treasure Coast, the area is home to treasure hunters hoping to discover the treasures lost when a Spanish ship sank into a hurricane in the early 1800s. Take a walk in the beautiful South Beach Park before participating in the Pickup Volleyball game. If you need to escape the sun, drive north to the Pelican Island National Wildlife Refuge.

Deerfield Beach

It is a city in  Florida. If you have young children, they may not share your excitement for a day when they do nothing. Then head to Deerfield Beach, a famous family-friendly beach that has captivated local deer herds. A beach is a great place for both kids and adults, but the adjacent Quiet Waters Park is a great place to take when kids get bored. The park has a cable car, mountain bike trails, and a large water park.

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Water surface

Quiet beaches and grandeur are the hallmarks of this Florida coastal city. Although not visible from the coast, the surfside has a lot of Art Deco history. One of Miami's first luxury hotels, the Surf Club opened in the early 1930s and quickly gained a reputation for luxury parties attended by celebrities such as Frank Sinatra, Winston Churchill, and Elizabeth Taylor. Today's Surf Club Four Seasons Hotel is the reincarnation of Surf Club's first Four Seasons Hotel. Take a stroll through the Mediterranean environment, get a luxurious spa treatment, dress up, or dine at the reputed chef Thomas Keller's Surf Club Restaurant.

Sunny Isles

Sunny Isles is one of our favorite beach communities with the country's most beautiful waterfront hotel (Hello Aquarena Resort & Spa). Less than two miles long, this paradise has great restaurants, healthy adventures, and lots of activities. What is the best part? One block north of Sunny Isles is an acre of undeveloped coastline instead of a towering tower. The shop is located in Haulover Beach Park,  one of the few places in Miami-Dade County, with public sandy beaches and no visible buildings.

Loggerhead turtle key

It's hard to get there, but Logger Head key is Florida's premier tropical beach. This is the only beach in  Dry Tortugas National Park that feels like you are in the middle of the Caribbean Sea and is only accessible by boat. With its clear waters, beautiful coral reefs, white sandy beaches, and famous lighthouses, this place is very special. The eastern and southwestern parts of the island have the most beautiful beaches for swimming and relaxing. The ideal way to see the Logger Head key is to take a big boat and dinghy to the island.

Peanut Island

A tropical sanctuary placed at the internal of the Palm Beach Inlet is handiest on hand via way of means non-public boat or ferry. Peanut Island is a historic island with one of the maximum stunning coconut tree settings withinside the state. This, at the side of a number of Florida`s purest water, makes Peanut Island an extremely good web website online to spend the day. It's additionally an exquisite spot for snorkeling and picnicking, in addition to having one in all of Florida's maximum famous boating sandbars.

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Clearwater beach

Clearwater Beach is reminiscent of the vibrant, clear water image of its name rushing to silky beaches, and disasters may await. But this sandy beach doesn't disappoint those who go to Florida beaches. Visitors gather from Tampa (and throughout Florida) to enjoy the calm waters of the bay and participate in one of the region's diverse activities,  from parasailing to fishing.

Key West Fort Zachary Taylor Historic State Park

If you're looking for a sunny day or cool waters, it won't be as warm as the beaches of Key West, the southernmost tip of the state. You can spend time at Smathers Beach or Higgs Beach, but Fort Zachary Taylor Historic State Park is second to none with its calm waters and large sandy beaches. After enjoying swimming and snorkeling in the afternoon, stop by the pre-Civil War park fortress. If you can't sit still, there are nature trails and water sports rentals (hello, glass-bottomed boats) nearby.