A tiny island in the Indian Ocean is always on the bucket list of travelers. It is Sri Lanka with so many naval experiences for nature lovers. Your stay in Sri Lanka will be an unforgettable memory. It is one of the safest and most hospitable countries to stay in. If you are planning to spend your next vacation in Sri Lanka, knowing the best places to stay is important.

There are several nature resorts, hotels, and lodges near eye-catching destinations inside the country. You can select one of them to make traveling easier. Let’s check out the best-hidden lodges in Ceylon for Nature Lovers. So you can spend the holiday in a beautiful, calm, and peaceful environment.

98 Acres Resort & Spa

98 Acres Resort & Spa In Ella | Image Credit: instagram

Ella is one of the best iconic places in Sri Lanka that you should not miss during your trip to Sri Lanka. If you are visiting the hill country, then rest in 98 Acres Resort & Spa near Ella. It is a paradise designed in a previous tea estate. The hotel is situated closer to Little Adam’s Peak. So you can hike from the hotel.

98 Acres Resort & Spa is a luxurious place to stay. It is designed with recycled railway sleepers and thatched straw.

The resort has separate rooms with bathtubs and private balconies. You can reserve a room with a private pool. If you are a nature lover, then 98 acres resort and spa is a great place to stay. It offers a beautiful lush green scenery from the room. The dining area is located separately. But you can order food for the room too.

98 Acres Resort & Spa is an ideal destination for a honeymoon too. It is a highly calm and peaceful place. You can book a room for your family.

The Mud House

The Mud House | Image Credit: Instagram

If you are an eco traveler that loves to spend a holiday close to remote, private, and seductive surroundings, then the mud house is one of the great options. It is surrounded by wildlife, birdlife, and serene lakes. The huts range in size, which fulfills your requirement. The outdoor showers and lanterns are lightened in the evening.

The resort offers lakeside picnics and cooking lessons. The meals offered from the resort are prepared by harvesting from the own garden.

Tri by Amaya | Koggala

Tri by Amaya | Image Credit: blackwhitevivid

When you are visiting Sri Lanka, down south will never miss your places to be visited list. There is a lot to explore in the southern province of Sri Lanka that including sandy beaches to thick forests. Tri by Amaya is one of the famous lodges in Sri Lanka. It is situated facing the koggala lake. You can visit the world-famous tiny island Madol Duwa during your stay at Tri by Amaya at Koggala.

The boutique hotel is designed with eleven suits of natural materials built in a spiral on a six-acre hill of lush green. If you are an eco-friendly traveler, it is worth staying at Tri by Amaya, Koggala. You will get organic tasty food with high standards.

Tri by Amaya is close to nature and working towards reducing carbon footprints. Sustainable practices are promoted in the lodge by monitoring electricity and water consumption. The premises is free of plastics. So you won’t find plastic water bottles inside the room. Plastic water bottles with a free refill facility are provided here.

Staying at Tri by Amaya, Koggala will make you closer to nature. You will get the time to relax, and enjoy your holidays while staying closer to nature.

KubukRiver Resort Elephant Villa | Buttala

Kumbuk River Resort | Image Credit: mostinterestingdestinations

Now, you can rent out an elephant for a night. Even the sentence sounds adventurous. Isn’t it. KubukRiver Resort Elephant Villa, Buttala has a 40-foot-tall, two-story villa with an elephant shape. It is made with wood and straw but has electricity, a hot-water shower, and a plunge pool. The ground floor consists of a dining area and an open-air lounge. The upstairs has two bedrooms and a balcony. You can have a closer look at the wildlife including elephants through the balcony view.

The restaurant at the hotel supplies food made from locally grown vegetables and fruits. You can taste a traditional meal in Sri Lanka by staying at this holiday inn.

This nature resort is closer to Yala National Park. You can go on a safari in Sri Lanka to experience wildlife on this tiny island.

The resort is working close to nature. It has launched a reforestation project along the edge of Yala National Park by planting more than 20000 plants. your stay at KubukRiver Resort Elephant Villa, Buttala will gift you with unforgettable memories close to nature including wildlife.

Aarunya Nature Resort

Aarunya Nature Resort In Kandy | Image Credit: Instagram

Aarunya Nature Resort is a great place to stay when you are traveling around Kandy. The holiday inn consists of eleven modern luxury villas having a private jacuzzi or pool. It is one of the best-hidden lodges in Ceylon which is very close to nature.

Aarunya Nature Resort is built on 7 acres with fruits, spice, and tea plantations. It offers a calm, quiet, lush greenery place to stay. The first rays of sun in the morning touches you as the resort is situated facing East. Even the name Aarunya refers to ‘first rays of sun’ in Sanskrit.

You can have a mountain bike and explore the area around Aarunaya Nature Resort. The gym is located facing the green view. So it helps to relax your mind while exercising.

Aarunya Nature Resort helps to reduce carbon footprints on mother nature by eliminating plastic bottles. Glass bottles for natural mineral water have been introduced for visitors. Vegetables, fruits, and spices that are grown in the resort’s plantation gardens contribute to 20% of the kitchen produce. You will enjoy a delicious meal prepared with organic food during your stay at the resort.

To Sum Up

Sri Lanka has lots of beautiful icons for you to explore. If you are a nature lover, then several best hotel rooms are available here. You can stay closer to nature during your vacation in Sri Lanka.