Sri Lanka, the tiny island in the Indian Ocean hides so many beautiful sceneries in every hook and corner. So you must find them on your next vacation on this island. Among the best journeys around the country, Colombo to Badulla trip remains one of the best trips in Sri Lanka.

You will find several methods to reach Badulla from Colombo. As Colombo Is the commercial hub in Sri Lanka, it has easy access to busses, cars, and trains. Train journeys are the cheapest and most comfortable way to travel around Sri Lanka. The railway network spreads across the hill country. The trains complete their journeys on the legendary routes built in the 19th century. So it offers an unforgettable journey.

Colombo to Badulla train journey is famous among both tourists and locals. It passes through famous tea plantations and picturesque landscapes in Hill country.

Several train rides are available from Colombo to Badulla. You can select the most convenient time for the journey.  You can book train tickets online and reserve seats. It is also available to buy tickets from the counters at the railway stations. The train tickets are available for 1st class, 2nd class, and 3rd class. 24 seats facing backward are available in the first class.

Once you enter the railway station, there will be several trains stopped on the way and coming with passengers. You can simply ask someone for help to find the train. It is easy to ask the relevant platform where Colombo to Badulla train stops from the ticket counter. So you can easily get on the train without any doubt.

You must keep the train ticket safe. The guards will check the ticket.

The cities you should not miss during the train ride from Colombo to Badulla.

Ella Train Ride | Image Credit: pexels

● Kandy

Kandy is one of the elegant destinations that you pass during the train ride from Colombo to Badulla. It is a majestic city that owns a great history. Kandy was the kingdom of the last Sri Lankan king and also the sacred tooth relic is protected in this city.

Hundreds of locals and foreigners daily arrive in Kandy to worship the sacred tooth relic of Lord Buddha.

● Ella

Ella is a beautiful and picturesque town that you pass during the train ride from Colombo to Badulla. You will find a number of beautiful icons as well as beautiful hotels in Ella. So it is better to get down from the train from Ella to spend at least two or three days there.

You can climb up the little Adam’s peak. It is a journey that passes through incredible nature highlights like passing local villages, tea plantations, and grass fields. The panoramic view you come across at the top of Adam’s peak. Walking along the rails of the nine arch bridge in Ella is preferred by both local and foreign tourists. The tea field view at Lipton Seat will amaze you.

● Nuwara Eliya

Don’t miss visiting Nuwara Eliya, during your train ride from Colombo to Badulla. You can get off at Nanu Oya station. Nuwara Eliya is also called Little England due to the cold and wet weather. The tea leaves of world-famous Ceylon tea are plucked from the tea estates in Nuwara Eliya. The ladies with a bucket hung on the back plucking tea leaves is a common sight here. Nuwara Eliya is also home to several scenic and famous waterfalls in Sri Lanka. You can enjoy the cold breeze that is mixed with water sprinkled from the waterfalls in Nuwara Eliya.

Ella, Sri Lanka | Image Credit: pixabay

There are several things to do during a train ride. Many visitors love to enjoy the scenic beauty of nature during their train ride from Colombo to Badulla.

You can listen to music on the train trip. Music is a catalyst to enjoy the beautiful scenery outside the window. Music can make people happier and reduce stress. Music helps to relax during the ride. Planning the trip is one of the best tasks that you can do while seating in a corner of the train seat. It helps to save your time while visiting other places. You can also listen to a podcast or watch your favorite movie on the train. If you are traveling with a partner seated near you, then watching a movie will be a great choice. It is suitable to make time go faster. But make sure that your mobile phone or the laptop battery is not running fast.

Socializing is one of the best tasks that you can do during your train ride from Colombo to Badulla. You will meet both locals and foreigners on the train. Try to cope with them. Engaging with local passengers is the best way to learn their culture. Sri Lankans are famous as a hospitable nation. They will never forget to treat you with a smile. You can speak to them in English. No matter what the age of the person seated next to you, you can start talking about anything you prefer. But make sure that he or she also likes to talk with you. They will respond to you for sure. You can talk about the best picturesque destinations in Badulla or on the way. They know hidden places that you should not miss during the journey.

If you are a food traveler, then try to speak with locals. They know the best restaurants, shops, and streets to enjoy traditional food. You can learn about the favorite food of locals while co-oping with them.

Vendors get on the Colombo-Badulla train at every station. You can taste a number of street food during the journey.

To Sum Up

The train ride from Colombo to Sri Lanka is the best way to get closer to breathtaking natural sights. It makes its way across lush forests, traverses terraced tea plantations, and misty mountains. Just manage to get a seat near the shutter. So you can feel the cool breeze of the hill country while you ride.