Do you like to share everything you own with your siblings or friends? 99 percent of people would say no to that question. But there are people in this world who share everything among themselves. In the Eskimo culture, it is ok to share their wives among them. Not just wives but also food, supplies, and other stuff. This tradition can mostly see in Asiatic Eskimo culture.

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Eskimo marriage includes several steps. As a rule in Eskimo culture, parents and elders agree with the marriage. Sometimes the couple is still children. First, the relatives of the groom give several gifts such as tools, hides, and other valuables to the bride’s relatives. Then the groom performs the bride service in her house for about a year. Taking part in hunting for that house with his future father-in-law would show the groom’s economic obligations. After a year, the sexual relationship of the couple starts usually. Then if the couple agrees to live together continuously, the marriage becomes validated and after that, the couple will return to the groom’s house. There is no special kind of marriage ceremony. Divorce is also quite simple as well as marriage. If the woman leaves the man’s house or is ordered to get out from the man’s house and she returns to her house is considered a divorce.

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If the elder brother dies, his wife becomes the wife of a younger brother in the family. It doesn’t matter even if he is married already. Care and protection of his children will also become the younger brother’s responsibility.

Not only wife swapping but also polygyny is also can be seen in this community. But polygyny is mostly seen only in powerful and wealthy families.

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