01. Chiang Mai, Thailand

Chiang Mai street food | Image Credit: howieshomestay

Chiang Mai is a city that could get the title of the world’s best street food. If you want to enjoy fresh street food, then I would suggest you visit Thailand. There are several cities that are famous for street food in this country. In Chiang Mai, food is prepared when you order it. The ingredients are freshly bought at the shop earlier in the day. So you get delicious and fresh street food here.

You will find a variety of food in stalls. It is worth trying fried pork with garlic and pepper (Moo Todd Kratiem Phrik) or spicy basil and chicken (Pad Krapow Gai) in Chiang Mai. Though you are on a budget street food in this city will tally with it. The quality and the taste are also superb.

02. Taiwan

Taiwan street food | Image Credit: Facebook

Taiwan is famous for street food at night. It is better to get into the Taiwanese Night Market at night and try different food rather than going there in the daytime. Most of the food items will be cheap and fit your budget.

You can taste green onion pancakes (flaky and chewy), fishball soup, fried squid, barbecued corn (both sweet and spicy), and fried quail eggs in the street. Taiwan also has the best fruits in the world. So you can taste papaya milk, watermelon juice, and bubble milk tea. You can also try some unusual street food like duck heads, chicken feet, and pig bladder.

03. Bali

Bali street food | Image Credit: tripsavvy

Bali is one of the dream destinations of many travelers, it has something special for any type of traveler. Bali is famous for street food too. Bali vendors sell clean and safe food in random kitchen carts on wheels and in small Indonesian traditional restaurants.

The small traditional restaurants in Bali are called ‘Warungs’. Those are made with wood along the road and a couple of plastic chairs and a table are available to enjoy your food. Most of the dishes are cooked by following traditional recipes in Bali. Traditional chicken sticks with nut /sweet sauce, fried rice called ‘Nasi Goreng’, and Basko soup are some famous street food in Bali.

04. Tel Aviv, Israel

Tel Aviv street food | Image Credit: chefdenise

Tel Aviv in Israel is one of the best cities to try street food. You can taste sabich( a pita stuffed with fried eggplant, egg, and pickled cabbage), shawarmas, and Falafel. Freshly baked savory pastries are available in the street malls at late night.

All the street food is available for a reasonable price in Tel Aviv, Israel.

05. Colombo, Sri Lanka

Colombo street food | Image Credit: reddottours

Sri Lanka is another paradise in the world that you need to travel to. Colombo is an urban area and one of the main cities in Sri Lanka. It is famous for street food and one of the favorite cities for food travelers.

Colombo is the best place to enjoy street food in Sri Lanka. There are plenty of shops, boutiques, and hotels on the street. No matter at what time you are planning to roam around Colombo streets, food is always available. So you can enjoy breakfast, lunch, dinner, and evening snacks. Shops located on either side of the road sell everything starting from rice and curry t snacks. Sri Lankans name snacks as ‘short eats’. You can enjoy buns, bread, patties, rolls, cutlets, samosa, wade, and cutlets with veggie fillings, meat fillings, egg, or fish fillings. Nowadays a pastry will cost from Rs. 70 to 100 from Sri Lankan Rupees.

You will find a very delicious street food called Kottu in Colombo streets. It is made with godhamba roti (a very thin roti made with flour), vegetables, egg, chicken, and fish. You will find a number of kottu mixed with various ingredients. When cheese is mixed, it is called ‘cheese kottu’. The spices add a mouth-watering taste to kottu. Don’t miss to taste a kottu during your travel to Sri Lanka. You can easily find a kottu shop from the sound of metal blades hitting the grill.

06. Bangkok, Thailand

Bangkok street food | Image Credit: bonappetour

You may have heard about Thai restaurants that are famous for Thai food. Bangkok is a city in Thailand that is famous for street food. It is loved by many street food lovers around the world. Bangkok has any kind of food. No matter what you love, the street food will contain your favorite combinations. Roasted chicken and ducks hanging from carts will tell you to try the taste. If you are a veggie-lover, then better to try a papaya salad. Seafood lovers can enjoy shrimps, crabs, and lobsters on the street.

You can find Thailand’s most popular dishes like om Yum Goong, Geang Keow Tom Kha Gai, Massaman Gai, and Wan Gai in Bangkok. You will see some unusual dishes like Malang Tod (fried insects), Bault(fertilized duck egg), and Goong Ten (dancing shrimp) in the street.

All the street food is tasted by adding spices and chilies. Noodles and curries are essential street food that you must try during the trip to Thailand.

07. Singapore

Singapore street food | Image Credit: lonelyplanet

Singapore offers you safe and tasty street food for a cheap price. it has a wide range of food that makes mouth-watering when traveling across streets.

Chili crab, Hainanese chicken rice, tiger prawn meat bone tea (bak kut the) duck rice, curried fish heads, and oyster omelets are some famous street food in Singapore. You don’t need to worry about the safety of this street food as government organizes street food vendors into regulated hawker centers.

08. New York, USA

New York street food | Image Source: stealthmedia

New York City is the best place to enjoy street food belonging to different nations. It is a hub for street food where you can enjoy Indian dosas, Italian sausages, Middle Eastern sausages, Thai satay, and Colombian arepas.

Do not forget to taste hot dogs tasted by adding onions, mustard, and sauerkraut. You will find street vendors selling the world’s best street food on corners of New York City.

09. Paris, France

Paris street food | Image Credit: theculturetrip

Paris is the destination for many lovers. It is an inspiring city famous for books, traditional arts, schools, and libraries. Paris is also famous for street food.

You will love to taste a roasting chestnut sold by a street vendor on a cold day. Buckwheat crepe is another famous street food that you can taste in Paris. Don’t forget to taste street food in Paris during your next trip to France.

10. Merida, Mexico

Merida street food | Image Source: mexicocassie 

Mexico is a country popular for its cuisine. You will find the best street food in Merida. Some of them are panuchos de Lechon, salbutes stuffed with chicken, crispy skin of the pork, and pastor tacos. You can get a first-time street food experience with several flavors in Merida, Mexico.

To Sum Up

I will tell you one trick I’m following to find out the best street food boutique shop in the city. Stop at a stall that is crowded with locals. They know the best place to order street food. So you also won’t get wrong.