Gin is a versatile liquor available at any bar all around the world. Many brands make manufacture bourbon or cognac sip-ability that is perfect for any cocktail. One bottle of Gin is enough to make cocktails for the entire party. There is a wide range of gin types to choose from if you are making cocktails.

Gin is not strong as tequila or whiskey. But has a unique flavor. The botanical flavor of Gin blends with classic gin cocktails including gin and tonics, gin martini, gimlets, Tom Collins, and negronis. There are different types of gin. London Dry, Plymouth, Old Tom, and Navy Strength are them.

History of Gin

History of Gin | Credit: nelsonsdistillery

Do you know that Gin was used earlier for medical purposes? Monks invented Gin. It was developed based on the earlier drink named Jenever. It is a traditional juniper flavored national spirit of the Netherlands and Belgium.

Gin was sold as a herbal medicine during the 16th century. The soldiers were also given shots of gin to calm their nerves and make them feel better during the war. The governments also gave their support for distillation. Gin production became a high-quality business and firms were established around the world.

The requirements of liquor to consider as a gin are 40% ABV and the inclusion of juniper berries. The gin brands have the freedom to experiment and make something fresh.  Now, Gin is associated with high-end cocktails and mixed drinks.

Plymouth Gin

Plymouth Gin | Image Credit: visitplymouth

Plymouth Gin is one of the oldest gins. It has a unique 230-year-old recipe. The seven botanicals including cardamom, dried sweet orange peel, cardamom, orris roots, and angelica roots are used to make Plymouth Gin. It is an excellent choice for cocktails. The famous Savoy Cocktail Book mentions Plymouth Gin 23 times. So you may don’t need any other pieces of evidence to prove how popular Plymouth Gin is.

The Plymouth brand has its distillery in Plymouth., England. They have several famous offerings like Plymouth Navy Strength Gin. It is the first brand to release Navy Strength Gin in 1997. The Navy Strength means strong or “over-proof”. It contains an ABV OF 57%. The Plymouth Navy Strength Gin is suitable for bold cocktails.


Beefeater Gin | Image Credit: wine-liquor

Beefeater is a famous budget gin that is used in cocktails around the world. It was founded in 1863 until then the popularity of the Beefeater does not decline. It is the most award-winning gin for the past decades. The price point of Beefeater is affordable. It has a


Roku Gin | Image Credit: drinkstack

The bottle of Roku comes with a beautiful design. So it fits the cabinet very well. The history of Roku stretches back to 100 years and comes from Japan. The flavor of the Gin is very attractive. You will love it from the first sip. Roku is a mixture of coriander seeds, juniper berry, angelica seeds, cinnamon, lemon peel, bitter orange peel, angelica root, and cardamom seed.

People use Roku commonly with cocktails.

Bombay Sapphire

Bombay Sapphire | Image Credit: bespokeunit

Bombay Sapphire is a widely available London dry-style gin. It comes in a light blue bottle. Bombay Sapphire has hints of lemon peel, licorice, and almond. It is a good choice for your cocktail. You can combine it with tonic water and lemon or lime.

Sipsmith Dry

Sipsmith Dry Gin | Image Credit: just-drinks

Sipsmith is a young but famous gin brand. It is re-mastering the classics. The distillation process involved in Sipsmith Dry is traditional. A copper pot and a recipe are included in the method which is coming from the 18th century. This gin brand has A Very Juniper Over Proof gin and a few flavored options. The gins contain citrus and a touch of sweetness. You can use it with a cocktail.

Highclere Castle Dry Gin

Highclere Castle Dry Gin | Image Credit: gin-mag

The name Highclere Castle is famous as a filming location. The headquarter of one of the best dry gins is also located there. The name for this gin brand comes due to the particular location. The botanicals are taken from the Highclere Castle. Then the distillery took place at gin distillery in England, Langely Distillery.

The Highclere Castle Dry Gin has less juniper ad extra citrus and novel addition of oats. The oat grain adds a thick and viscous finish to the soft Gin. It is one of the best gin for newbies. Highclere Castle dry makes your cocktail more delicious.


Hendrick’s Gin | Image Credit: gulpbkk

Hendrick’s is one of the famous gin brands launched in 1999.  You will find it at any bar. It is ideal to mix with your cocktails. All Hendrick's Gin comes with two rare stills namely, Carter-Headstall and Bennet still. These two are combined after separate distillation. Hendrick’s Gin is updated with a signature infusion of cucumber and rose. Both of them offer a light and balanced botanical flavor to the Gin.

Ransom Old Tom Gin

Ransom Old Tom Gin | Image Credit:

Old Tom is a famous gin that originated in England in the 18th century. Most of the London dry gin lovers turn towards sweeter Old Tom style gin. However the brand Old Tom disappeared in the 20th century, the Ransome distiller Tad Seetedt made it again by identifying the resurgence of craft cocktails in the oughts. It becomes famous among bartenders. Ransome Old Tom Gin gives new meaning to the cocktails.

To Sum Up

Gin is an ideal drink to mix with cocktails. Both newbies and purists can enjoy gin. There are many other famous gin brands available in the world other than the above mention ones. It is a huge challenge to select the best bottle