Vodka liquor is a versatile drink that is popular all around the planet. It is drunk straight and cold. But now it has changed. Several vodka brands have liquor with several tastes.

There are several types and flavors of vodka. The lightly ethical vodka is Absolute in Sweden and Smirnoff in the United States. The medium-bodied vodkas are the Canadian Iceberg (Canada) and Finlandia (Finland). The robust vodka varieties are Wyborowa (Poland) and Stolichnaya (Russia).


The country of origin of vodka is Russia. The word ‘Vodka’ has derived from the Russian word water. Poles also claimed that they invented vodka. So there is no exact information to find the place of origin of this liquor. It is said that vodka was first made by the monks at Chudov Monastery in the Kremlin. It was around the 15th century. It was made using alcohol imported from Genoa. Later, locally grown rye or wheat and spring water have used to manufacture vodka.

Vodka was made originally in home stills and used as a disinfectant for wounds. People used vodka as a medicine, in cosmetics, and as a drink for many years. It was called ‘burnt wine’ or ‘bread wine for centuries. Vodka got a variety of tastes by adding honey, roots, botanical essence, and herbs during the 13th century.

Now, vodka has become one of the famous drinks among people.

Different types of vodka

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You will find three types of vodka. The main difference between them can be ingredients added during the infusion process or additives included after the distillation process. Plain vodka, infused vodka, and flavored vodka are the three main types.

A high-quality plain vodka contains 96.5 % alcohol while low-quality ones have 95%. Ethanol and water are the main ingredients of it. You can mix plain vodka with a cocktail as it does not have a strong aroma and taste. Infused vodka contains fruits and herbs and its flavor is strong. You will find several varieties of infused vodka. Flavored vodka is the other type of vodka that has gained huge popularity. It comes in almost every flavor including traditional fruit flavors, chocolate, caramel, bacon, and many more flavors.

Let’s check out the best and most popular vodka liquor brands available in the world. You can easily order them online. Sometimes all these vodka brands are available at the closest store near to your house.

Grey Goose

Grey Goose | Image Credit: mallinntradingltd

Grey Goose is one of the world-famous vodka liquors. It is best when served neat. It is an original ultra-premium vodka. Grey Goose undergoes 5 times of distillations. So it has a delightfully crisp taste along with a smooth finish that comes with the vodka. If you want to taste creamy vodka, then better to try Grey Goose.

Grey Goose is a product of France. High-quality wheat was used to produce the initial vodka. Both quality ingredients and expertise in distillation make Grey Goose an enjoyable drink.


Beluga | Image Credit: thewhiskyexchange

Beluga is an outstanding vodka brand that produces in western Siberia, Russia. Artesian water gives an ultimate authentic taste to Beluga Vodka. Honey, oat, and milk thistle are added to the vodka after distilling. The impressively pure and smooth vodka liquor comes with notes of sage, cream, vanilla, and white pepper. Beluga vodka is filtered through a silver filter and quartz sand. You can sip a glass of Beluga vodka in the evening.

Hangar 1

Hangar 1 | Image Credit : wine

Hangar 1 has tasting notes of cinnamon, orange, and white pepper. It is a small-batch vodka produced using fog catchers around the San Francisco Bay Area.

This vodka comes in taste notes including citrus, honeysucker, and pear. The smell of Hangar 1 is good enough to match your preferences. You must try Hanger 1 at least once in your life.


Absolut | Image Credit: drinkstack

If you are searching for vodka liquor without added sugar, then Absolut is the best choice for you. It is one of the best overall vodkas in the world and also the cleanest products. Absolut contains only high-quality ingredients. Locally grown wheat in Ahus, Sweden is used to produce this brand. It has a variety of flavors as well as unflavored vodka.

You can taste Absolute either straightly or mixed with a cocktail. Soda is also compatible with it. The gentle wheat aroma along with the iconic apothecary bottle tends to attract you towards Absolut.


Svedka | Image Credit: establishednyc

The name Svedka is the combination of two words, ‘Swedish’ and ‘vodka’. It comes at an affordable price. Svedka is an essential liquor for your mini-bar that is produced in Sweden. Svedka distills five times. You can mix it with cocktails. The fairly neutral taste makes it compatible with a variety of cocktails. You can enjoy vanilla and mint hints of flavors before the bitter citrus ends.

Crystal Head

Crystal Head | Image Credit: bottledprices

Crystal Head is a famous vodka liquor brand that comes in a beautiful bottle. A corn variety called ‘peaches and cream’ is distilled to make this vodka and it has a slight sweetness. Crystal Head is distilled through layers of quartz crystal called Herkimer diamonds.

You can enjoy taste notes of toasted corn and cake frosting. Other than that, Crystal Head has black pepper, lemon, peach, and other fruit tasty notes.

You can mix Crystal Head vodka with cocktails. You can lime juice or cranberry juice to make it more taste.


Belvedere | Image Credit: belvederevodka

Have you ever thought about the meaning of Belvedere? The translation tells that it stands for ‘beautiful to see. The name well fits with the translucent and classic bottle. Belvedere is one of the smoothest liquor available at the market. It originated in Poland.

Belvedere comes with hints of lemon zest. It is an aromatic vodka type having a cool, lingering finish. You must drink it over ice to enjoy the real taste.


Pinnacle | Image Credit: thrillist

Pinnacle is another world-famous vodka liquor. It is produced using French grain and water in France. You can enjoy hints of vanilla, wheat, and citrus flavors along with a fresh nose.

You can mix pinnacle vodka with cocktails. Its taste notes match several cocktail types. The smoothness of this vodka brand comes due to the distillation process. It undergoes five times distillation. The clean aroma of ripe tomato and honeydew rind motivates the taste buds of anyone.

To Sum Up

Vodka liquor comes in different types and flavors. If you are a real vodka lover, try to sip all of them and enjoy the taste notes.