Ukraine is one of the most famous tourist destinations in Europe. It was one of the great countries that you can travel to during your vacation.  But due to the Russia-Ukraine war that took place recently, tourism is declining in the country.  Some of the best tourists attraction have been reduced to ashes.

Why you need to visit Ukraine

Ukraine is a country that is enriched with beautiful nature, culture, and eye-catching places. There are ample reasons to visit this paradise.

● Developed cultural life

Ukraine has a rich culture. You can experience the developed cultural life while you visit the country. But the ongoing Russia-Ukraine war has lightened the red lights for tourists.

● Tasty Foods

You can try delicious cuisines in Ukraine. If a traveler love to taste different food during traveling, then Ukraine is a great destination. Ukrainian cuisine is famous in the culinary world.

There are several cuisines in Ukraine that you should never miss to taste. Borsh is one of them. it is a traditional Ukrainian soup. Beetroot is one of the main ingredients of Borsch that make it red. Cabbage, onion, potato, and meat are other ingredients added to this soup. You can taste it with small garlic buns or sour cream. Borsch is tasty as well as a nourishing food. chicken kiev is a French food that you should try in Ukraine. It is a juicy chicken roll packed with garlic butter and a mixture of parsley and spices. Uzvar is a drink you can taste in Ukraine. It is made with dried fruits like apples, pears, and plums. If you are searching for a nutritional drink, then uzvar is a great choice. It can quench your thirst during hot summer days.

Some world-famous tourist destinations are available in Ukraine. So thousands of tourists were used visiting the country before the war. Let’s check out some famous tourist attractions in this country.

Kiev Restaurants | Image Credit: kievinsiders


Chernihiv | Image Credit: touropia

Chernihiv is an old city in Ukraine. It is one of the most beautiful icons in the country. It is located on the banks of the Desna River. Chernihiv is home to several stunning buildings like Pyatnytska Church and Catherine’s Church.


Lviv | Image Credit: fiercebiotech

Lviv is the largest city in Western Ukraine. It is a historical and picturesque city. The city was named after Leo, the oldest son of the King of Ruthenia. The capital was changed between the Russians and Polish several times. Then it became independent in 1991.

The city is endeavored by museums, age-old buildings, and several monuments. You will find monuments that date back to the 5th century. Famous art galleries like Lviv National Art Gallery are located in this city. If you are an artist, then you can watch more than 50 000 artworks in the place. Lviv is home to great ballet performances and opera. Several quirky bars and knaipas (local pubs) are located on narrow side streets.


Chernobyl | Image Credit: tourscanner

Chernobyl is the best destination for travelers who love to explore history. The famous nuclear explosion took place in Chernobyl. It caused the premature deaths of thousands of people in 1986. It has become a famous tourist attraction.

You can get a guided tour to get a first-hand experience of the strategy. You will be able to witness the destruction by yourself. But filming is not allowed in the exclusion zone. But in the future, the situation will be changed.


Odessa | Image Credit:

Odesa is a beautiful city in Ukraine. You can find many things to do in Odessa.

Odessa is home to beautiful beaches. You lay under the sun on a summer day to have a great sunbath. Most popular beaches like Itaka, Portofino, and Ibiza are situated in the Arcadia district. You can go to the beach without spending a single dollar on entrance fees. But if you want to access umbrellas or lounge chairs, then you need to bear the cost.

Walking down the famous Potemkin stairs is another great thing you can do in Odessa. A peculiar optical illusion is available in its construction. When you look at the stairs from the top, the landings will be visible. But if you look from below, then steps will be seen. You will see the stunning view of the port and the sea from the top.

You can explore the Odesa courtyards during your travel to Ukraine. It is the best way to get close to local lives. Local tour guide packages are also available for tourists in Odessa.

Privoz Market is situated in Odessa. You can buy some goods from the market. You can enjoy the juicy Odessa language and meet picturesque representatives in the Privoz market. If you are a food lover, then you can buy Ukrainian foodstuff from the market. You can also bargain before buying goods.

Odesa is the most famous nightlife destination in Ukraine. The best night out experiences can be gathered from nightclubs like Bono Beach Club, Itaka, and Ibiza. It is a great way to forget your troubles and enjoy the vacation. You can dance, drink cocktails, and enjoy the vivid atmosphere of the party during the night out in Odessa.


Kyiv | Image Credit: theculturetrip

Kyiv should not miss your visit to Ukraine.  It is the capital of the country which is situated in the North-central part of the country. Kyiv is filled with striking Soviet architecture, golden-domed churches, handsome streets, and monasteries. You can visit the museum of Folk Architectures and Ethnography which is one of the largest open-air museums in Europe. Theater, opera, and musical performances are also available in Kyiv for you to enjoy.

To sum up

Ukraine was undergoing a terrible war making it bad for tourists to visit. But some tourist attractions are still in safe hands. We will keep hopes to visit Ukraine soon